Just for sharing. My daughter has this habit of pulling her hair to get herself to sleep, she did this from 4 months old and sometimes she ask us to do it for her too. Anyone else to share habits of your LO? :)

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My 6 month old currently pulls MY hair to sleep! When she's nursing, her free hand just goes around grabbing whatever she can get her hands on including my nose, lips, chin, chest and hair. I've often got fingernail marks in those areas.

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My daughter is 2 months old and she loves grasping her hair when she's nursing. I think it's because hair has an interesting texture.

My son have the habit of touching the towel or cloth to sleep! He touch the softness and many times till comfort and then he sleep!

My 7 month old baby has the habit of rubbing her face to get herself to sleep and if I stop her from doing it, she will stay awake.