Full Cream Cow’s Milk

Joreen is 3 years 4 months old now and mama stop breastfeeding her when she is 2 years 8 months old. I still miss this special bonding, yea it has been an amazing memorable journey! ❤️ Many mummies used to ask me why did i decide to introduce full cream cow's milk ? to Joreen since i am still breastfeeding her? And when did i introduce? . Mama introduced Joreen to full cream cow’s milk along with breastfeeding when she reached 1 year old. It is more like a nutritious snacking choice for Joreen. The reasons are full cream cow’s milk has a rich levels of protein and calcium which essential for growth and building healthy bones and teeth. The UHT milk is also very convenient to bring out! . Joreen's 1st encounter with full cream fresh milk at 13 months! At first, she rejected it and getting angrier at drinking fresh milk lol my drama baby! But after rest awhile, mama offered the milk to her again, she finished 160ml ? Don't give up, keep offering! The introduction of full cream cow’s milk was not that difficult, especially when you serve it with her favorite snacks hehe . And she loves full cream cow’s milk till date! It really saves me a lots of time! ? . @hpbsg @theasianparent #sgkids #sgmummy #hpbsg #healthpromotionboard #theasianparent #tapfluencer #earlychildhoodnutrition #healthhub #healthyfood #raisingkidsright . .

Full Cream Cow’s Milk
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Good to hear that, thank you for sharing!