I've heard that it's not good to use Vicks VaporRub on babies and toddlers below 2 years of age but in our household, we used to use this on our kids. We want to switch to Vicks BabyRub for the little ones. Can I get reviews about this product?

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I've read from an article that Vicks VaporRub is not advisable for kids below 2 years old however, there's the Vick BabyRub which is good for babies 3 months and older. I've also read a lot of positive feedback about the product. In our household, I let my 2 kids use the regular Vicks since the babyRub is hard to find at the groceries. We've been practicing the home remedy of putting Vicks on baby's feet when they have cough, colds or flu, and put socks overnight. Based on our experience, it's really effective and so far safe on my kids. Better consult your pedia as well to give proper recommendations on the product.

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I love Vicks VaporRub and I was actually thrilled when I saw the commercial about Vicks BabyRub although I haven't seen one out in the market. Like Charm, we also use Vicks VaporRub to our little cousins and I can say that I don't see any negative effect on them.