is it true that some food items lead to miscarriages if consumed in early days of pregnancy?

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Experts say unripe papaya can cause miscarriage.

I had a miscarriage last year and there was really no definite reason given to me by the doctor, it may be the food or it was just not meant to be. i did however eat and drink a lot of pineapple during the early weeks so I think it is true that some food can indeed lead to miscarriage so best to avoid them.

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Yes it is true due to the food that you consume might be strong acid such as pineapple

Yes, mostly herbal remedies like Liquorice root and herbs that stimulate contractions

When you are pregnant, people around you will start to advice you like they own a Sinsey shop. Dont eat this and that, its not good for baby, dont drink this and that lah. You know what, i ditch everything away, i ate whatever i feel like, i was very happy and cheerful during my pregnancy, i gained weight but i dont mind. My baby is healthy when he was born, and he is as healthy as he can be now, my 16months old baby. And i managed to lose my weight to the weight i was before pregnant.

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I refuse to believe all these beliefs. But i do take precautions if i crave for something that is belief to be 'dangerous' to consume during pregnancy. Bcos i believe when u crave for something, it means that ur body is needing that nutrients. I still do eat things like pineapple, but in very little portion. Dont have to think and stress urself so hard. Enjoy your pregnancy journey :)

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Yes but I ate fish till my last trimester I pray all the time b4 I consume it... I couldn't help my craving for the fish I'm 31 weeks now

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I’ve found this list ( of top 10 food to avoid during the first trimester and it includes: 1. Pineapple 2. Papaya 3. Sprouted potato (which is also harmful to everyone) 4. Wild apple 5. Peach 6. Centella 7. Sesame seed 8. Aloe vera 9. Animal liver 10. Drumstick tree These food are said to be related to causing bleeding, uterine contractions, cervix dilation and hence could lead to miscarriages. I personally think that moderation is always the key. But there is no harm in avoiding some food if they carry the risk of causing a miscarriage.

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