Is baby led weaning better?

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I think as with any methods, there are pros and cons to it. Baby-led weaning is easy to prepare (usually only involved cutting and steaming fruits or vegetables) but is definitely very messy and many parents worry about the risk of choking. The “traditional” or rather, more common method may offer greater control for the parent but seemed to not have the “fun” element for the baby to explore and decide for himself/herself what to put into his/her mouth. In all, I feel that it is dependent on which method the parent is comfortable with. All are great options to help introduce solids to a baby. Hence, as long as the parent is happy with the chosen method, it will make the process fun for both. In addition, there is no restriction on simply just sticking to one method. I have a friend who did a mixture of both baby-led weaning and also spoon feeding. Her family eats out rather frequently and she wanted to be able to feed her baby while outside to minimize the mess. Her baby had no issue having a mix of both methods.

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Better, maybe not. Different, yes. It's good to have a mix and match. As ideal as it maybe it can get terribly out of hand when baby is eating porridge(led weaning) if you have a helper, that's different. If you are alone, we moms need to be realistic too. As ideal as it may seem.

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Messier. Requires patience. but easier in long run.

Having a mix sounds like a good idea, thanks!