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In my second trimester and wondering if private package at sgh or kkh is better, and if anyone can recommend a good gynae, someone friendly and patient.

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I followed up and delivered in SGH. I saw Dr Devendra, he's very patient and gentle. He also seems pro natural and respected my decision to wait for natural/vaginal labour though my water bag broke for a long time. He also didn't push me to take oxytocin to speed up the labour. I did deliver naturally after 24 hours, which was actually the duration he estimated (probably by experience). He specializes in maternal fetal medicine/ high risk pregnancies, which I prefer as I have chronic medical conditions. To note, he is very popular and his clinic wait is always long, though I saw him as a private patient. That's also partly due to him being very patient and he does take time to explain details. Never felt like I've asked a stupid question as a ftm. I noticed that the patients ahead of me do take a while to come out too. The clinic waiting area is usually full of his patients and we're the last few to clear out. As for the facilities in the clinic, sgh o&g centre has their own lab for processing urine specimen, blood test area, and ultrasound suite. I never had to walk to another department for ultrasound scan or blood test. Dr Devendra does ultrasound for me during every consult. For more detailed scans, he'll order a scan with the sonographer at the ultrasound suite. Just to point out, I think because he's very experienced, he didn't give me high frequency follow up all the way till I delivered. I.e. There wasn't any pressing concerns that warranted him scheduling frequent visits. My last few appointments were fortnightly, which I personally didn't mind at all because by then it's very tiring to keep going. He also won't give you unnecessary scans, supplements or medications. I trust his clinical judgment but it may not be for everyone; some may prefer having more frequent follow up or more frills.

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10mo ago

may i chk. as private patient any deposit needed upon admission?

I was under KKH private, Dr Sim wen Shan! She’s very caring, knows what to do and answers all your queries. I had some complications during my birth but she was calm and informed me that i had to go for assisted delivery. During my PP check, I brought my son and she played with him awhile. I’m very happy that I took Dr Sim! Will definitely go to her again if I ever have a second 😉 The private package under KK you will get to scan in the doctors office every checkup and if you take private suite, they will deliver the medications to u instead of u collecting it! Waiting time is far shorter, I get everything done under 30minutes. For the ward, I was under Class A and the nurses are really friendly. Whenever you ring for assistance, a nurse will come in super fast! And you will get a congratulatory cake too hahah!plus your hubby gets to bunk in and help u take care of baby 😊

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1y ago

Hi there! Yes I gave birth in July 2020 :)

I thought all along KKH was better but then I was wrong. I was paying as private class patient but I had share all the services with subsidy patient. They have only 1 clinic for ultrasound scan for both for private class and subsidy patient and the waiting time 1 1/2hr and you will kicked around to do the blood test and weight measurement. No one tells what they are doing to you. The Gyne I saw was Dr Seet she was gd but then I dun like being pushed around. I had to switch to ACJ clinic which is under Mount Alvina my Gyne Dr Candice Wang, she gd and the staffs are really friendly. Though it is slight more expensive. Waiting time shorter!

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Private clinic like Thomson is better than KKH mainly because the doctor from private clinic will perform scans during the consultation, and the nurse can draw blood/ injection immediately without waiting or going to another department. The Doctors in KKH don’t do scans on the spot (though they have a scan machine in their consultation room..) the scans are done by the scan department which means scheduling and Long waiting time...

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2mo ago

not true. my kkh gyne scans during all my visits

Im with KKH Dr Jessie Phoon as private. Can’t comment much about her yet as I have only met her once so far, generally comfortable with her. I was initially caught between tmc, sgh and kkh but I know in the event of high risk emergency, patients/baby from the private hosp would have to be transferred to public hosp as they were unable to support. Chose kkh cos they specialised in women and children. Hope it helps :)

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I had both my boys at KKH with Dr Tan, private, so she stays with me throughout the journey. Very patient and assuring. You can also find out the different packages here : All the best:)

2y ago

Dr June Tan?

I would highly recommend SGH.. the staffs and doctors are very friendly.. I used to go for all my appointments at KKH.. but the staffs were unfriendly and rude so I decided to go SGH.. and I finally gave birth in SGH..

2y ago

Can call kkh hotline.

with KKH Dr.Serena khoo. is a very caring doc. and will follow up or answer wat ever question that u have. is a very detail doc. And oso very good in calming patient. even it is very dangerous situation.

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I Went with kkh, and s under the subsided scheme (no assigned gynae) as the pregnancy is relatively low risk. Then switched to private at delivery date. Was assigned Dr lily kho, and found her to be very friendly

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Bb's vaccinations are done at the polyclinic. The mandatory ones are foc

I would strongly recommend KKH as they are specialized in these. But then again, if waiting time, gg from point to point for various things, extra service are your concerns, then you may not like it at KKH.