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Hi im 6 weeks pregnant, haven't seen gynae yet, wondering anyone can recommend gynae (specialist in high risk pregnancy) practising in SGH or KKH? Thanks

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I have heard great reviews from many mommies about Dr Arijit Biswas from NUH. He specialises in high risk pregnancy. P.S. I have not used him personally as NUH is a little inconvenient for me commuting wise. Add on: I asked few fellow mommies on recommendations for high risk pregnancy specialist in KKH and I was suggested these: 1. Prof Jerry Chan 2. Dr Kathirvel Rajeshwari 3. Dr Shefali Tagore But most votes were for Dr Arijit Biswas

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thanks ladies! Really appreciate ur replies. I'm considering NUH too as it's near to my office; but, SGH is near to house and my hubby prefers me to go to kkh. My first time experience ever and not considered young anymore (im 36 yo, that's why wanna go to someone who is famous in high risk pregnancy)...

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10mo ago

yea thx, will definitely go to Prof. Biswas if I go to NUH. May i know what problem you had previously if you don't mind? I will have my first consultation later at SGH with one of gynae from their panel so hopefully everything is good..

Hi! Dr suzanna from KKH is specialised in high risk! A friend of mine took her for her twins!

U can look for dr tan kat lit from tomson medical center.