Is it important for babies and toddlers to expose to phonics since young? Can we let them move along with the flow according to the childcare centre syllabus which does not include teaching of reading and numbers.

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It's good to have but not a must. But for busy working parents like us who do not have a lot of time to revise for my lo hence we prefer to include phonics class for my kids so that they can improve in what they have been learning in school. Although every night I will spend an hour to revise with my kids & through conversations to improve but I reckon that's not sufficient hence additional class is essential

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For my tod, we didn't expose her to phonics, only nursery rhymes. She picked up at her cc fast. Then after that, we followed the tr's advice of intro letterland and the songs from YouTube. For us, academic is not the top of our priority but letting her have her childhood and fun is.