tired all the time

Im at week 25 but been constantly feeling very tired and sometimes difficulties in sleeping doesnt help much. Is there any kind of energy booster?

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You can try to eat a teaspoon of pure honey every morning. It will give you more energy to go through the whole day! 😃 Also, can also try Shiruto by BE International. I've been taking 2 sachets every morning and I feel more energetic than before. Besides that, eating dates and drinking goat's milk (e.g: Calla Milk) can help give you energy and boost up your milk supply! 😉😘🥳 Hope it will help you too!!! ❤️

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I make red date tea (occasionally put a small amount of goji berries), leave it overnight in a thermal bottle and drink it the next day. it works for me. recently started to drink chicken essence. week 11 going week 12 currently.

Nag iron supplement po ba kayo mommy? Ganyan din na feel ko nung na stop ko ung iron supplement for ilang weeks. Or it could be a sign of Gestational Diabetes. Pa check if persistent parin yung fatigue

same here 25 weeks momsh, kapag umaga natutulog po ako from 10am to 2pm. feeling tired din po and parang kulang sa tulog.. hehe

yes tamad gumalaw at hirap makahinga khit kaupo kaya higa mas ok

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yes komportable sis noh pag nakahiga..

same po tau momshie..25weeks 5days today..🥱🥱

same as me i cant sleep even day😥

Tried coffee?

oo sis

Super Mum

Chicken essense? Try taking power naps if possible as well. And see if a pregnancy pillow may help get you more comfortable on bed?