Feeling tired all the time

Hello fellow mummies, just wanted to know if it’s normal to feel tired easily during the third trimester? I face difficulties sleeping through the night cause of urination and leg cramps, and I need long naps (like 1.5-2hours) in the day. Even with that, I’m still feeling exhausted and restless. Am 31 weeks 5 days preggie.

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Yeah, it is common for some mummies. Either you will be fatigue at early pregnancy or later part of pregnancy. It depends on individual. As tummy grow bigger, nearing date, you will often visit toilet and the leg cramp near your calf is unbearable. For me I have sciatica during this second pregnancy, hence I will not have the best position of sleep causing me to feel tired. But, during afternoon or whenever I can nap, I will do it. But I dont take short nap often, as this can cause body to feel even more tired. I am now 34 weeks pregnant.

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I’m at week 29. I take black chicken soup to boost my energy levels