Nursing Bra / Top / Dress

Hi, I'm not sure will I be breastfeeding after my Maternity Leave. But is nursing bra, nursing top and nursing dress neccassary?

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I only had 2 nursing bra only wear them when I want to latch on the go. If not I will dress normally or maybe a loose top will do. Nursing room is every where. Eventually after you give birth you will master the skill to nurse even in car.

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I breastfeed a lot when we’re out (with nursing cover), so they’re pretty useful. Even at home, i’m wearing nursing wear/bras all the time. More convenient. Bought all of them from shopee/qoo10, so much cheaper

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It’s not necessary but more convenient if you pump / breastfeed when you are outside home like at work or outing. Cause if not wearing nursing wear you will have to remove your shirt / dress completely.

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I don't really use nursing bra, I hv but I prefer wearing padded tank top. for nursing top/wear, u will use it if u nursing using a cover in public, it won't be necessary if u can find a nursing room

I guess it’s more convenient. Anyway for nursing clothes, bra, you still can wear even when you’re not nursing so it won’t be wasted.

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Not necessary.. if u r not pumping means .. if u r pumping may b it’s free for u to use

Not necessary if you are not breastfeeding. I bought nursing top because i’m pumping.

Hi, It sure is not necessary but it is good to have as it is comfortable

It's really up to you...If you're breastfeeding, it's not a must to get

Not a must. I only bought mine when I see them on sale 😂