Light Brown Discharge

I'm in week 6 now. Today I see dark yellow/ light brown discharge. Is this normal??

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Yes it is normal. I had it ard 4 or 5 weeks. As long as not red. When will be your gynae check up ? If you are too worried, can schedule earlier check up. But my gynae told me it is normal, ask me to rest more. Dont exercise and stop sex intercourse.

3y ago

Dont worry. The cramp is also normal. Other than that, i also feel my belly button area got some pulling sensation.

How was ur outcome? Was it normal? Im having it now. Turning 6 wks in 4 days.. my appointment not due till nxt sat.. quite paranoid as i had a miscarriage b4.

3y ago

Hey! I replied to this post long time ago. Hehe now i am alrdy in my 3rd tri. Turns out i had bacteria infection. Weird cos i always clean myself well.. its just part n parcel of pregnancy i guess! Do get urself checked out. :)

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If you are worried, go down to see a gynae to have a peace of mind For me, I have light spotting and went to see gynae at week 6. Luckily I’m ok

3y ago

Is it ok to checkup at the normal polyclinic?

Have you went for your first checkup? If it turns pinkish pls go for checkup asap. I experienced the same.

3y ago

How long does your bleeding last?

Continue to monitor and better to inform your doctor as well

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Best to see pd if unsure.

Yep it’s normal

Yes it is normal.

Yes it’s fine