Week 5 Pregnancy

I'm in my week 5 pregnancy and I've not gone to see a doctor for a check up. Is it ok? When is the suitable time I should go or should I just go ASAP for a check?

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Week 5 is quite early and you would hardly be able to see the baby in the ultrasound. Week 8-9 should be better. You may go polyclinic and get referral to your preferred hospital first. In the meanwhile do start on the folic acid tablets, if you aren't on it currently. Doctors recommend it to start taking them when you start trying to conceive. Folic acid helps in baby's neuro and spine developments and that happens mainly in the first trimester. So don't wait until you see a gynec to start taking folic acid.

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It really depends. Some can hear the heartbeat and see the fetal pole at 5-6 wks. Some cannot cos still tiny but still best to book an appointment 1st. I booked an appt when I was at 6 wks pregnant and only see the gynae at 10th week. By then can see and hear clearly. Start on your folic acid now. Important for baby

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I went during week 6 to confirm the pregancy and make sure there is a sac. Doc prescribe folic acid and progesterone. Went back on week 8 to confirm heartbeat and doc increase my dosage of progestrone to help my baby grow. So i will suggest to see a gyane early incase. I am currently week 22 now.

I went on the first day of Week 8 even though I discovered in Week 5. Spent Week 5 and 6 on an intense (private) gynae search. Managed to hear heartbeats and get a good tummy ultrasound scan 🥰 during my first gynae visit.

Sometimes go too early, you won’t see or hear anything yet. At most 8weeks. Meanwhile just take care of yourself well. First trimester is crucial and best to keep it to yourself first.

It's ok if you want to do the checkup as soon as possible but usually mommies go for check up when it's 12 weeks pregnancy.. good luck 💕

week 5 know both preg. week 7 n 8 go gynae... too early also cant hear heartbeat so no point

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Week 5 is a bit early. I went in at week 7 and could hardly see anything haha

I think week 6 can go already. I went during that timing

I went at Week 6 and got to hear baby's heartbeat :)