14 weeks

Hi im in the early second trimester now. but i just realised my weight has not been increase yet. do i need to be worried?

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As Long as baby is growing well, nothing to worry about. I lose 3kg and in my 2nd trimester, the baby is growing well. Anyway ur appetite will start to increase ard 16 onwards. If you are worried, check with ur gynae :)

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Check with your gynae on your baby’s growth. If baby is still growing well, that’s ok. In general it’s fine cause baby is still very small in early 2nd trimester.

I lost quite a few Kgs during 1st and early 2nd due to morning sickness and stomach flu. Don’t need to worry much as long as your baby is growing well (:

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No, I had lost 4kg in the first trimester. Weight gain usually only picks up late second to third

As long as baby is growing, no need to worry! I lost 8kg all the way till week 14!

I hv sudden increase in weight gain ard mid of 2nd trimester

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As long as u are eating healthily it’s ok

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Nothing to worry about. 😊

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