boob engorge

hi all im a ftm here . anyone knows How to cure boob engorge ? i kept pumping out but i still feel hard on my boob no matter how much i pump . And the feeling is very terrible especially on the side area when touch it feels like a hard rock and is quite pain......

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hot compress 5 min then pump with hand express for 15 min. rest hot compress for 10 min repeat pumping with hand express for 10 min rest hot compress 10 min pump with hand express for 15 min. cold compress for 5 min. 2 hour later do again until the lump is clear and you can pump normally

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Hot compress & massage dear. keep massaging that area until it softens. While pumping, use your fingers to massage that hard area. otherwise u latch, baby sucks better than pumping.. i swear.

I reach out to a particular massage lady who is very good at helping to clear lumps and clogged ducts. Nothing else works for me. Let me know if u want her contact

TMC breast feeding consultant recommended putting ice bag on it to cure engorge


need help can dm @mummyjlife Instagram