Tired of leaking breasts

I’m the main parent to take care of my newborn and as she doesn’t latch, i’ve to exclusively pump for her. Been going on for months and honestly it’s physically n mentally tiring. Sometimes when she’s being cranky and needs my attention, I missed or delayed my pump session and that causes leaking breasts and pain. I can only quickly pump out the milk as soon as I’m able to settle the baby. I’m so tired of leaking breasts and all the washing that is accompanied with the pump. Sometimes I have this strong urge to switch the baby to formula instead then i will also have more time for her without the pumping schedules n washing regime. I’ll like to know if working mummies are still keeping to the 3hrly pumping routine? How to juggle pumping n your rest time especially when u r returning to work?#pleasehelp

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Super Mum

Hey Mama, It certainly takes a lot of effort and sacrifice to keep up with a pumping schedule despite having gone back to work. I have friends who persisted and brought their pumps with them everywhere. They had to work around their pump schedule. There is no shame in wanting to scale back on breastfeeding. Your well-being is just as important and if keeping up with a pump schedule is affecting your mental health, then scale back. Baby deserves a happy and less stress mama! Your baby will still be able to getting the nutrients he needs from formula milk.

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1y ago

Thanks! Yes, sometimes i feel i ‘neglected’ the kid becos i ‘needed’ to pump… geez gonna scale back

I have been pumping from the start because of my sore breast. Since my baby is on mixed feed, i been exclusive pumping as well. I only latch my girl for comfort latch. Anyway, i have been lazy to pump from the start. Been doing 4 hourly pump instead of 3. When my maternity leave is ending, i extend to 4.5hrs. While breast milk is the best for babies, i think we need our sanity as well. Do adjust your pump hours if it really makes you crazy to pump every 3 hours.

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1y ago

Thanks! Yeh i guess u r right. Will adjust the hours when It’s too much for me

You could try handsfree pumps (a lot of affordable options in the market now). That would take care of the leaking breasts. Just gotta leave the cups in your bra and remember to empty them before the spill over.