First time mum :)

I’m a first time mum! But will only be having my first appointment with NUH at the 16th week. Is it normal? I’ve not have any scans yet. Only had my blood and urine test taken. So i’m just waiting patiently for my appointment date :( should i be worried about anything?

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For me I didn’t go to restructured hospital, I went to private gynae clinic so my appointments are more frequent and that gave me an ease of mind as I can see the growth of baby. My appt was on week 6 to check on yolk sac, week 7 to hear baby’s heartbeat, and now currently waiting for week 9 to see baby’s growth and progesterone test result. If you are worried, it’s better to see a private gynae instead.

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Take folic acid first if you haven't started on them! First appt on 16th week is a little late. Am a first time mum too, found out in week 5, my appts at a private clinic were in week 7, 12 (did NIPT test, got results 2 weeks later), 16 (fixed appt for the full 20weeks scan) and so on. I was anxiously waiting for my first appt every single day since the day we found out haha.

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Wk 16 is a lil late I think esp tt u're a FTM. U may want to go to a private clinic gynae in the mean time first just to check for baby's heartbeat and also so tt u can get some advice on the kind of tests u wld want to take e.g NIPT is typically done between 9-13 wks, and u'll get to know baby's gender too (within 2 wks frm test).

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16 weeks is a bit late. you should have a dating scan in first trimester to confirm baby's gestational age. also there are blood tests to be done in first trimester (like first trimester screen) to look for risk of down syndrome etc. can either call NUH to clarify, or see a private gynae in the interim

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Honestly i think its ok and as long as you’re okay thats all that matters. Am a FTM too and apart from my poly visit at week 6-7 to confirm my pregnancy and get a referral letter, my 1st SGH app was at week 12. Just make sure you’ve been taking your vitamins (folic acid)

They din ask you to do ur scans n test outside first? That time mine was around wk 12 for first apptment and they got me to do my tests outside n scans. Eventually i did not take up the apptment at nuh n they said i have to c my first consultation before wk 20 wif the gynae.

Congrats! My first scan was at 12 weeks with NUH clinic G. we were so anxious cos we had to wait so long from the polyclinic referral but it was well worth it because we could see the baby heartbeat and fetus scan very clearly. :)

My first scan at NUH was around 7weeks. Only scans were taken, no blood test was done. Went back at 12 weeks to the fetal scan and blood tests. Maybe you can check with the doc and see if the plans for the next scan?

Congrats!! 16th week is 2nd trimester already. we did our scan at 6th and 12th week. see if can get early appt.. and have to start taking prenatal vitamins and folic acid.. good luck.

My first appt was only at 18 weeks also at NUH. Just take folic acid everyday. And you cn start taking fish oil from 12 weeks onwards