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Hi all, I’m expecting a newborn to arrive in my household by November. So I’m actually looking to buy an instant water dispenser (e.g. ruhens, focuswater and hydroflux) to save us trouble of boiling water all the time in case we need to make formula milk (and also for our daily drinking). I would like to know if anyone is using these systems to make formula milk for their newborn? I’ve asked ruhens whether their dispensers are safe for newborn use, the answer I got was it is safe. But I would still like to seek some advices from fellow mummies over here.

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Best to avoid using alkaline water to mix baby formula feed or any other baby foods, and stick to normal filtered boiled water.. ask the vendors if the filters used has alkaline filter. Just avoid that filter and use the carbon filter.

Super Mum

Would like to know too. It saves a lot of time and effort to boil and cool the water.