GA or epidural for c sect?

Hi, I’m deciding between GA or epidural for my elective c sect next week. I didn’t mind epidural at the start because I thought my husband can be there when they administer epidural but turns out KK hospital doesn’t allow husband to be there. I’m pretty fearful of pain even epidural especially when I have to face it alone. Anyone has experience doing GA for c sect? GA should be quite safe given that most people have GA during other kind of surgeries, the only thing that affects is only baby being drowsy. Please share some experience so it can help me to decide my choice. Thank you! (Covid restrictions dont make sense that husband can only be there with wife during natural labour!)

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Epidural doesnt hurt. I had natural birth with epidural at pte hosp. When they administer epidural my hb cant b in the rm too.

Epidural doesn’t hurt at all. It’s nothing compared to contractions so don’t worry about it!