Delayed period for 3 weeks but -ve

Hi all. I’m currently TTC and I’ve missed my period for about 3 weeks now. Did several tests and it’s all negative. I realized that I’m feeling lightheaded on several days, a lot of cramping and I sleep a lot more nowadays. I’m not expecting much, though. I could’ve have just ovulated late hence the late period. But, which doctor do you all recommend for me to get checked in case my period really does not come and test negative again in the next week. Please help, thank you.

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Hi, just to share I had similar experience. Mine was late for a whole month and I was also TTC for close to a year. Turns out it was PMS for mine, I was experiencing fatigue, sore boobs, nausea, cramps and etc. I had high hopes but it came back negative, then period came a week after that. The following month I was late for a month again but didn’t bothered much since it happened before, but the difference is I started feeling nausea over things I like previously so I took a test and it came back as a strong positive. I would wait awhile more to confirm again, hopefully good news for you! Alternatively, you can go to any GP for a blood test for more accurate results. Goodluck!

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