Late period, negative test

My period is 1 week late and I tested negative for pregnancy. Should I wait for another week and test again? Anyone else experienced late period, tested negative and then positive in the next few weeks? I have been getting my monthly period as usual after I gave birth. This should be my 8th period and was due to come on between 27-30 Aug as I was usually 1-3 days late. Feeling hopeful if I could be pregnant, cause I really want another baby (coming 11 months post c-sect). My symptoms are probably just a little bit of cramps and a massive headache yesterday (4 Aug) and today. #advicepls

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I missed my period and tested but was negative. after missing second period I test again and was positive lol I'm very confused too. in btw around 3 weeks wait

9mo ago

Wah!! I’m also hoping for a BFP in the next few weeks!

Yup me. I tested with 5 pregnancy kit only got the BFP on my 14th day of missed period.

9mo ago

Wow thanks! I’m really hoping for the same!