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Hi, I'm currently pregnant in my first trimester and have yet to decide with hospital to go to. I'm planning to go to govt hospital to get subsidies for the earlier part of the checkups and planned to give birth in a private hospital. Any suggestions on how to go about such as how many months are we allowed to transfer from gvt to private and what documents or such are needed? Thank you!

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I did all my checkup and scan etc with kk till week 20. ask the gynea for a copy of all the reports at my last checkup. prior to switching to pte, I called to check around week 16 on whether the gynea of my choice is accepting new patients and the documents required for the switch. went to pte gynea at week 24. so it definitely feasible and can help to save quite a fair bit. ps: do remember to request for more supplements at your last visit, so don't have to pay as much compared to pte clinic.

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Hi Lydia, While I’ve not done this before I think essentially, do ask for your records and files - copies of them. Also, you could call up the private hospital and ask if you’d like to do this, what should you be able to obtain from the government hospital - just giving suggestions coz I have no experience but I think if you could ask and share here, a lot of mamas could learn from your experience :)

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To be able to deliver in a private hospital, you will need a gynae who can help you deliver there. Not sure if there’ll be any gynae who will be willing to take you in if you see him/her at a very late stage. It’ll be best to check with your preferred gynae at the private hospital.