loss of pregnancy symptoms

I'm currently going to be 6 weeks preggie soon. Was experiencing really bad fatigue and cramps in the first few weeks. Coming to 5 weeks, i think except for fatigue, basically i have no more preggie symptoms. Is it normal?

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My Gynae mentioned the more I feel unwell due to the nausea-ness and all the preggie symptoms, it would mean that my baby is striving better. I was having signs of miscarriage during my first trimester and got it treated with duphaston. This duphaston is increasing pregnancy hormones and made me feel very sick. I think best is to check your condition with your Gynae.

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It depends on individual. My mom didn’t have any morning sickness when she was pregnant with me and my bro. For me, currently 11 weeks, morning sickness only kicked in in 6 weeks, starting with loss of appetite. Don’t worry, so long you’re not bleeding you’re fine. But do get assurance from your gynae on how your baby is doing :)

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its normal. I didn't have any morning sickness during first trimester. only fatigue and breast cramps. during 2nd trimester then I started to feel nauseous and bloated.

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It’s normal to have little or no morning sickness during the first trimester. This is my case for both pregnancies. :)

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Yup it’s normal. And you lucky

It’s normal