10th weeks but no symptoms ?? Anyone else ?

Anyone experiencing the same thing? So far I’m in 10th weeks of pregnancy journey, no symptoms so far except from fatigue. Anyone else feeling such? I’ve been reading some of you having nausea and all 😅 kinda worried I’m not feeling anything at all….. I even went for a hike today. Just curious if this is normal?

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lucky you! it is normal not to have any symptoms, every mommy experience pregnancy differently. mine was a nightmare. nausea, vomitting, bad food aversion, constipation, bleeding nose, sore boobs, fatique and very emotional. i can cry at the slightest thing. all these subsided when i got into week 14. currently in week 17, symtoms come and go. don't worry at all, i'm sure you and baby are all okay. however do speak to your gynae if you have any concerns at all, they can assure you better :)

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1y ago

Wow, omg bleeding nose is kinda scary 😅 I’m glad you’re okay as you go along this journey . Thanks for commenting this, made me realise I’m not alone in this. Am planning to go for a checkup soon and imma ask my gynae regarding my limited symptoms. Thank you 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

same here. 3rd pregnancy and i feel totally normal. no symptom but i can sleep alot. the moment i put my head on the pillow i can go to sleep alrdy hahaha.. quite worried as i cn do my daily routine, house chores, taking care of my baby as per normal.. i toss and turn around in bed like nobody business.. but i went for my 8wks check up, cn hear baby heartbeat...

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I’m at week 10 too and experiencing no symptoms apart from feeling sleepy mid day. Totally get your concern cos I worry this all day and night too! Great to know that many experience the same. Heading for my check in 4 days, fingers crossed and wishing you the best!

I didn’t had any nause or vomiting at all for my two pregnancies. I was pretty active I cld even climb mountain in Japan 😂 and my work mostly need to stand but I did just as fine!

1y ago

Lol I like this! Climb the mountains! Hahaha I was worried I’m not in the right path since this is my first 🤰🏻 pregnancy. I’m glad to read your comment thank you

Count your blessing. Not everyone goes through nausea and the vomiting. As long as your gynae checks ans ur baby is well and strong heartbeat. Don’t worry.

1y ago

Thank you! Am going to my gynae for a checkup soon. Was going to ask the same question. I’m glad that’s normal 🙏🏻🙏🏻

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i only felt fatigue for all my 3 pregnancies..all i wanted to do was snooze

1y ago

Only fatigue right? I’m glad all went well for you too thanks for letting me know it’s normal 🙏🏻

Lucky for you

1y ago

Thank you, was wondering if it’s normal or not since this is my first baby 😅