Female Gynae recommendation

Hi we are looking at Kkh private and also tmc, any female Gynae to recommend? Thanks in advance.

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Strongly recommend Dr Freda Khoo from TMC. very nice, friendly, non-pushy, not too pricey.

Dr Ada Ng at KKH. She has a really personal touch when it comes to her patients.

Dr Sim wen Shan from KKH! This is my second baby and I still went back to her :)

Highly recommend doctor suzanna

Dr Geraldine Tan at Thomson Women’s Clinic (Katong)

Recommend Dr Jessie Phoon. Chill vibe.

2y ago

Me three! She just delivered my baby 2 weeks ago. 😁 She doesn’t overwhelm or say too much but she always patiently answer my questions when I asked.

Doctor Suzzanah and Doctor Seet Mei

Dr Crystal Chin Hsuan at TMC

Dr Angeline Chua from kkh

wk tan from tmc