Female Gynae recommendation

Hi we are looking at Kkh private and also tmc, any female Gynae to recommend? Thanks in advance.

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Strongly recommend Dr Freda Khoo from TMC. very nice, friendly, non-pushy, not too pricey.

Dr Sim wen Shan from KKH! This is my second baby and I still went back to her :)

Dr Ada Ng at KKH. She has a really personal touch when it comes to her patients.

Dr Geraldine Tan at Thomson Women’s Clinic (Katong)

Highly recommend doctor suzanna

Recommend Dr Jessie Phoon. Chill vibe.

3mo ago

Me three! She just delivered my baby 2 weeks ago. 😁 She doesn’t overwhelm or say too much but she always patiently answer my questions when I asked.

Doctor Suzzanah and Doctor Seet Mei

Dr Crystal Chin Hsuan at TMC

Dr Angeline Chua from kkh

wk tan from tmc