Hi , im currently 33 weeks old, and is wondering if husb can be in the delivery room with me when i give birth at kkh or will i be alone in the Delivery room instead?

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Will be alone for elective c-sect, I’m not sure for emergency c-sect and natural.

your husband can be in delivery room if you natural birth, for c-sec i not sure.

yup husband can b al9ngside 24hr as longs as it delivery suites

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usually can but best to check with the hospital just to confirm

Yes, you can be tgt. Just need to wear mask throughout

dont worry hubby can stay in the room during labor.

7mo ago

how about child? i have one toddler does she can follow us to labour room. coz we doen't have supportive family.

natural delivery allows.. but not on C sec..

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You can be together:)

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can allow him to go in together

Yeah,they allow husbands