covid- 19 vaccine.

hi i'm currently 33 w & 2 days. i want to ask if any pregnant mummies had already took the vaccine?

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Taken at 23 week 2nd dose and feeling well and strong. Did intensive research to understand what mRNA vaccine do and it seems it’s protein which sends message to body to produce antibodies to fight against fake virus. Other than slightly elevated temperature to 37.5 and sore arm everything’s good! And my baby will already be protected with the antibodies I produced without a vaccine which is also not available to kids below 12

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I have delayed to take it after giving birth and confinement (because still recovering stage) because read that the covid19 immunity will be passed through breastfeeding. didn't wanted to take the risk during pregnancy since there will be side effects after covid19 vaccine even for normal people. so have been cooping myself at home to minimise the risk of getting covid19 since pregnant because I'm unvaccinated. haha

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I'm at the same pregnancy week as you. I have asked more than 4 doctors on the vaccination and all was told not to take right now. They asked me to take only after confinement and the antibodies might transfer to baby through breastfeeding but it could take weeks to reach that kind of amount. since I work from home and not being a frontliner I feel that I do not need to rush myself into taking the vaccine.

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11mo ago

I'm a KKH subsidised patient so each visit different doctors but I've been throwing this question to them during my visits. I'm also seeing TMC cause due to other issues which the TMC's doctor has more experience. All recommended me to wait until I have given birth.

i am 32 weeks... decided to take it next week, and plan to get my 2nd dose before my 37 weeks before baby is consider to be ready to pop anytime after that week... are u taking??? just think abt it, choose whats best.. for me, i decided to take it now, so once i gv birth i cn focus on my confinement and getting well....

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Yes there might be antibodies but are there studies to say that the antibodies are useful and sufficient to fight covid? Who’s going to be responsible if there’s long term side effects 10-20 years down the road which there’s no data yet. Ultimately, you are responsible for your baby’s health. So decide yourself.

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11mo ago

well she's just asking if any pregnant mummies already took the covid-19 vaccine. if you don't have anything nice to say, don't even bother to reply thanks!😊

i have booked an appointment for the 1st dose and im in my 19weeks. The reason is because I work as a frontline and I have read news on the complication that a pregnant women would be in if they were to get the virus. Ultimately it is your decision to make whichever you think is best for the baby.

Hi! I took my first dose at 12 weeks and second dose at 16 weeks. First dose was just soreness and the second one just an elevated rise in temperature but no fever. All Pain gone within 2 days.. ☺️☺️

Hello i just took my first jab recently and everything seems fine.. my nurses and doctor highly recommended me to go for covid jabs as it will not only protect me but also my baby..

hi dear there are many mummies who have vaccinated. there are a number of posts asking this topic too, can search under posts tab.

Yes I took both doses, waiting for full vax status to kick in. I’m in my second tri.