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Hi pregnant mummies! Wanted to ask did you guys took Covid-19 vaccine while pregnant? If yes at how many weeks? Did you discuss with your doctors? Any side effect? Wanted to have mine but too scared. Please share your experience! TIA #pregnancy

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Hello. My gynae advise me to wait until I give birth because she said don’t wanna risk it. But I do have a lot of friends who’s pregnant and taken vaccine and their baby turn out ok. So ultimately it’s your decision. I choose to wait because I trust my gynae and I will take her advise. She also mentioned if I’m working as front liners then different story. Prolly just take the jab. I stay home as much as possible to prevent myself and my family from covid.

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Hi! I took my first dose yesterday @ 21 Weeks. Both gynae & nurses on site gave the green light. The only side effects I have for first dose is sore arm. Best to ask discuss with your gynae as every pregnancy is diff :)