Dry skin and lips during pregnancy

Hi, I'm currently at my 16th weeks pregnancy and is having super dry skin and lips. I also have red patches on my face, but its not itchy. Do you also experience the same? Any idea what I can do to improve my complexion? Thanks!

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It’s Common, hormones issue Drink plenty of water and apply light based / or water based moisturiser ( applies for sensitive skin ) Buy mask Take vitamins , eat well diet buy humidifier if u want to that’s optional

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I hv experienced dey skin n itchy .. moisturiser n lot of fluids intake helped me a lot

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Lots of liquid - water, juices and soup Humidifier Lip balm and Vaseline on my lips

Apply your regular moisturiser more frequently. Keep hydrated

Hormones change maybe. Eat clean and apply lip balm at night.

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Lip balm and drink lots of water