Im bringing my 6mo on a flight soon. We cannot carry liquid more than 100ml on board right? So i will just handcarry bottles and milk powder? Is there hot/cold water dispenser at the waiting lounge area? When on board i can just request for flight attendant to get water for me? Afraid baby hungry at the wrong timing..haha. any other good tips or advice u can sharw with me? Thanks!

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They are usually quite relax with liquid when you travel with children. So far I have not had any problems bringing more than 100ml of liquid. In fact I carry almost 1 litre of water because I have 2 older kids, and they bring a water bottle each. There are also hot/cold water dispensers in changi airport's baby room. As for the flight itself, you can get the flight attendant to put mix the water to the right temperature on board. During take off and landing, remember to either feed your LO some water/milk/latch or some food to created the chewing/swallowing motion to release air pressure from ears. Enjoy your holidays! ps : Here are the locations of Changi Airports's baby room

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6y ago

thanks for the info! which means i can bring my own thermal flask and bottle to make my milk!

So long you have kids the airline and airport are pretty ok with liquid on board. If you ran out you can always request with the steward. I normally have a water bottle and a 350ml thermo flask with me. And my baby has been travelling on both budget n full service, never been requested to dispose of the additional liquid. My other kids had their water bottle too ! Confirm more than 1 litter !

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Under 3yo the airports are quite relaxed with us bringing more than 100ml of water