I'm breastfeeding mummy and LO is 7month now. She is now refusing right breast as the milk supply is very slow. And she only wants left one. My right breast milk supply is less than 1oz while left breast is 4-5oz. Is it normal? Hope to breastfeed her till 1-1.5yo. Any idea to maintain the supply till then? And now she started solids and milk taking is lesser now. Wonder how successful breastfeeding mom can reach their goal to feed their kids till 1-1.5yo? Anyone can share their experience? Thanks!

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You can consider latching on your left and pump your right after feeding. Add in power pumps for your right if possible. It will be good to pump and latch simultaneously so that you can catch the letdown. Continue doing this until the supply for your right is increased to match your left. It will be slightly lesser but definitely better. I used to have this problem too. Now baby is able to latch both sides without fussing.

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