Craving For Soft Drinks

I'm almost 9 weeks pregnant and have been craving for soft drinks especially fizzy ones. And my stomach is growling almost all the time, I'm not sure if I'm really hungry or its just the hormones. Is it normal? Thanks!

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Yes I love coke (it must be specifically coke zero, not even coke light lol) during my second trimester! I would feel like my day wasnt completed if I didn’t get a sip haha. But I always made it a point to drink lots of water too cos I know soft drinks aren’t healthy.

hormones and really hungry! i also had craving for fizzy drinks particularly coke. i just drank in moderation. my doc says everything is okay in moderation and give into your cravings as usually if what your bidy lacks

Yes. My current preg I'm Craving for fizzy drink but those like fruity fizz (lime mojito). I nvr love fizzy drink before but somehow baby loves it. I drink it moderately.

Normal, I need sweet drinks everyday during first tri. But pls take sips only not full glass. And also drink plain water thou its sux!

try ice mountain peach, yuzu, grapefruit or lemon its zero sugar and sparkling water. it helps with nausea. its normal

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Super Mum

Normal to have cravings but don't drink so much soft drinks as it is sweet and need take note of the sugar content.

Me too! I had to drink coke everyday 😂 controlled a little by taking sips instead of the whole can/ bottle.

Instead of soft drink, why not just buy sparkling water... at least there is no sugar in it😁

I did crave for soft drinks as well but i took some sips only just to satisfy my cravings.

It's normal to keep feeling hungry. You need a lot of energy to grow a baby inside.