i'm 8 weeks & 2 days today. but i've been having headache, nauseous and lose appetite. is there any food or drink that would help me w this? when i pregnant w my two boys i don't have this kind of morning sickness. this is the worst. i can't even get out of bed at times.

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If can try to ask doctor. My scheduled appointment is only in two weeks time so so far I've been eating sour plums every time I feel like throwing up. When I feel even a slightest bit of hunger I eat meiji plain biscuits. Drink HL milk. On days I don't feel like eating lunch I buy plain fish ball noodles and eat at least a few mouthfuls. I also tried pressing the point 3 fingers below both wrist (you can Google acupressure for morning sickness). Hope this helps

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For headache, I took normal paracetamol which my gynae said it’s safe. I tried drinking fruit juice and eat fruits or whatever I feel like eating like chips or biscuits whenever I lost my appetite during pregnancy.