Low blood pressure if first trimester

I’m 6wks now. But i’m feeling very uneasy. Likely due to low blood pressure. Prior to pregnancy, my blood pressure is normal. What should i eat to up my blood pressure?

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First, you have to monitor your BP for certain period like take it every morning on the same time for at least 3 days to conclude that you really have a low BP. Second, you can increase the consumption of green leafy vegetables. Try also to lay on bed with your feet elevated to improve your circulation. Third, if you really conclude you're hypotensive (low bp), ask your OB what medications is safe for you. Take care 😉

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My blood pressure is consistently on the low side even before pregnancy. The only advice given by the gynae is to take your time to sit or stand up and be careful of giddy spells (if it happens just sit on the floor, don't try to grab anyone or anything in case it falls on you). In terms of health wise, there is no complications on you or the baby unless this is a drastic change cause by some medical conditions.

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I think you shld seek ur gynae advice on this. So not want you to self help as you are in the delicate 1st trimester

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Best to consult your gynaecologist asap take care!