First time mum.

Hi, Im 6weeks pregnant. Is it normal if i dont have morning sickness or didnt even vomit? just curious.

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my morning sickness started from week 6 and peaked at week 9. vomitted multiple times a day and even puking out stomach acid when there is no food in my stomach.. but it started to subside after my first trimester and baby still doing well. its not the same for all mothers out there, but better hope morning sickness doesnt come/doesnt come back!

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first time mum here! 10 weeks baking a pair of MC twins. i dont have any morning sickness/vomit at all except with a lot of burping and feeling bloated. i was worried about the lack of symptoms, made a trip to the gynae and everything is fine. jus make a trip to the gynae if you are worried, always good to feel assured!

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2mo ago

Omg yes the burping!! i also have that

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Hi, for me, I had my morning sickness around 8weeks and it last about 2-3weeks (on and off) but it varies between individual. My friend got her morning sickness at the 3rd trim. So don’t worry. For me, I puked out whatever i ate and drank that time. Worse scenario was 9 times a day.

Normal and you should be happy about it! I didn’t have morning sickness too and good that I can eat and sleep normally. Sleeping will be a challenge toward the end of 3rd trimester. All the best!

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Some people are fortunate and do not have morning sickness. However this may potentially point to low HCG levels which may also risk pregnancy. Best approach is to get gynae’s opinion on this.

too early for you to say, i think? or you're just lucky. i do not experience any morning sickness until 2nd trimester so chill 😂 don't ask for it. it's horrible! hard to eat even

Yes! Count urself lucky and hope tt it doesn't come later! For me I didn't vomit but has low grade nausea starting from abt 8 wks till abt 14 wks usually before sleeping at night.

Not everyone experiences morning sickness. 6 weeks could be a bit too soon as well. Trust me, when it happens you will wish you never hoped that it will happen on you 😂

my morning sickness kicked in when I was 7weeks pregnant till now and it is horrible. once the baby has heartbeat thats when ur morning sickness starts that's what I was told.

Yes its normal! I did not have any morning sickness or vomitting during my my first trimester. Now on my 2nd trimester and baby is doing well ☺️ Don’t worry bout it