Contraction or not?

Hello all. im 37 weeks now. today feel pain/sharp pain at my lower abdomen area, especially after i move about slowly. Also when baby moves, my tummy will feel tight/conraction feeling. I will also feel like I want to poop. Is this contraction or just my uterus expanding? Not too sure what am i feeling but its quite uncomfortable. I also feel a dull aching pain at my lower back.

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Sounds like braxton hicks since it's a dull pain. Braxton hicks is a tight feeling on the abdomen and normally comes & goes a few secs only. And yes, it makes you uncomfortable. While contraction pain stays and will not go away no matter what you do. Pain comes from the back to your tummy and you will feel heavy pressure on your vagina. That's when you need to head to the hospital.

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37 weeks are considered full term already. Does the pain comes and go? Real contractions will get stronger and stronger... the pain is too painful and that's when you know that you need to go to the hospital asap.

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2y ago

The pain does not come regularly and the interval is not too short. so im not sure if its braxton hicks.

Looks like it’s Braxton Hicks.. but do call up gynae to confirm...