Normal to have brown discharge after cervix check

Hi mummies, I had a cervix check ytd at 39 weeks. The next morning my whole panty liner was filled with brown slimy and watery discharge. Its like the old blood during menses. Is this normal? Or is this bloody show? I changed the panty liner, and my 2nd one is half filled. My mucus plug has come out, but water bag has not broke yet. Feeling more frequent contractions now, but they are still bearable. Appreciate your thoughts and advices.#1stimemom #firstbaby #advicepls

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Ooohhh i had full blown contractions like 12 hrs after the same thing tht happened to u.. smooth labour ahead! 💪🏼

7mo ago

So glad that this is normal! Was the full blown contractions like every 5 mins? Did your water bag break?