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Im 35 weeks and today I feel lesser movement of my baby. Usually baby kicks/move a lot when I lie down but today not so much. Anyone experienced it too? The kicks feels very light. It happened before but every time it happens it got me worried. What can I consume/do to make baby active again?

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my baby is very active and moves alot .. just yesterday i felt there was a decrease in movement .. i did not feel any movement since i woke up at 5am all the way till 1pm .. i tried jumping jacks, drink cold water but still no response .. decided to go to the hospital and check .. there's heartbeat and baby was seen moving when we did the ultrascan at 3ish pm .. it was baby's lazy days i guess .. i am 31 weeks btw .

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Hello! As long as you can feel any kicks is fine. You can try drinking orange juice, I used to drink that when I notice that there wasn’t any movement and immediately she will give one kick. Haha I think cause cold and sugary. Babies are also more active at night, day time when your are moving it’s a lullaby to them.

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Hi, it’s normal I guess since there’s lesser space for baby to move at this stage. You can try to really focus and feel, very light but as long as baby moves it’s fine. Can try to drink cold water, sweet drinks, shine light on your tummy, play music, talk/sing to baby or light taps to interact with baby. 😃

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i experienced the same and it worries me too..now at 39 weeks mine is very active during midnight 😅its normal because baby is growing and lesser space to move probably. as long as u felt the kickings is fine eventho its not as often. but do consult ur gynae for clarifications to clear ur doubts

If baby kick less than 10 times in two hours please see your gynae asap… try to consume a snack, drink some beverage, nudge your tummy, shine light, talk to your baby.

ice water