Can't Sleep At Night

I'm at 30 weeks now and I can't sleep at night. Maybe sleep for 3 hours, wake-up at 3am and from then, I can't sleep at all. I get sleepy when I'm at work. Haiz. My baby is quite active at night. Cant get a proper position. I turn to my side, she will keep moving. Sleep on my back, I feel breathless and getting headaches. FYI I had the maternity pillow and it's Doesn't help?. Heeeelpp..

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You can try to experiment with different positions till you find sth that works for you. For example, was also pretty uncomfortable even with a pregnancy pillow at first but eventually got comfortable with placing my regular pillow on top of the pregnancy pillow so that the head area is raised plus with an extra support wedge at the back area. So far so good.

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Try and read a book or listen to some soothing music, it helps...