Left rib pain

I'm 22 weeks pregnant and been having pain in my left ribs of late. Is it normal? Anyone experiencing the same?

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made me feel a bit better knowing i’m not the only one. I’m at week 22 also and i have it on my right ribs. sometimes sharp pain, sometimes feel like over stretched. i dun really know how to describe the pain. but sometimes it feels all the way to the back. I take paracetamol and the pain reduces for a couple of hours. and will come back. previously also, when i was in week 16 or so, i had some sort of pain under my right boobs, towards the middle of the ribs & doc says it was inflammation, just gave me some paracetamol and it went away in a couple of weeks on its own.

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Omg I thought its uncommon. Had my first attack ytd night and I woke up in shock cause of it. Nearly wanted to go a&e cause on top of it I've been feeling extra fatigue out of the sudden. But I chose to follow my guts and just rest more. Thanks for sharing your experience. Calmed me down a bit. 😌

Your baby position is high and it’s push up to your rib cage and make you pain. I have the same problem and pain happens during a day or night, sometime very sharp pain but it goes away, Nothing todo with it, if it too painful take Panadol.

It’s normal, since baby growth bigger and expanding uterus, it’s called “round ligament pain”. I had pain sometime at middle at night, can’t sleep, change position sleeping will help.

Yup! Same..had it since 19weeks..sometimes the pain goes to the back..most importantly, all the scans & checks came back fine..i guess its normal?

Yes...i also feel the same... Sometimes I m not able to sleep even becz of such pain. After reading these posts I think its normal .

Yes its normal. I experienced it when on my right rib but it goes away. Was told that my baby kept himself towards my right side more.

Im also experiencing it now, and I thought it was not normal but thanks to you now I know I'm not alone.

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I had it once,some sort of stitches on my left side. Gynae said it’s normal - due to baby growing

As the baby keeps growing you may face some back pain. it is normal. Just rest alot. Take care