Vagina itching

im a 1st time mom and my vagina is very itchy. this started during my 5th month of pregnancy. i dont know why this happened. i can't go to the dr to ask bcoz of enhanced community quarantine. im afraid that i may have an infection that could affect my baby. im so scared pls help me.

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Hello. Paano pong itchy? May mga white particles po ba sa loob ng vagina nyo? Kasi I had one before pero di ako pregnant that time. May difficulty rin sa pagwiwi aside sa itchiness.

You have to go to your OB to have your discharge checked. Usually kasi it's an infection talaga, and yes, it can affect your baby. Pwede ka rin magpreterm labor because of that.

4y ago

Its yeast infection i had one, that's cause by imbalance hormones