Covid test

Do we have to do covid test before labour at Nuh hospital Singapore ? 37 weeks currently .

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I delivered my baby in Sep at SGH. After admitting me, i was told by the nurse to do a swap. I was thinking, 'oh noo not that covid swap test!' But ended up, it was just a simple swap on my inner thighs and the armpits. Not even sure why that swap was needed 💁🏻‍♀️ haha

I delivered on Feb @ NUH and don't need to do any but given the current situation it's compulsory. Heard it's the same for other hospitals too.

Yes you need to. If you want your husband to be with you in delivery suite/ OT, he has to do PCR as well.

now is required.. for both wife and husband to do pre admission PCR test..

i delivered in last Feb at KKH, there was no requirement for this

i delivered in KKH last week and yes! covid test is necessary!

2y ago

yes compulsory! no choice

Yes need to do swab test

Don’t think so!