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Hi! I’m delivering in few weeks time. I engaged a freelance confinement nanny for a month and she will be staying over at my place. As you all know that there are many covid cases now, is it appropriate to request the nanny to do a self ART test before coming over? What do you think? Will you do that too? *In addition: How about massage lady who is coming in for 10 sessions (1hr per session)? 1 of it includes massage for baby. Thank you! Please share your thoughts. #pleasehelp #advicepls

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My mom is confinement nanny in Malaysia, all the job she received during covid-19, the mummy requested her went to do PCR test before going over their house (but the PCR test is paid by mummy), as gov did provide ART kits for each household in Singapore, I think it is appropriate nanny to do the ART test before coming over, hope this helps.

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2y ago

Thanks! Sure! There are a few packages. The one I signed up for is $1000 for 10 sessions. I think it’s a freelance massage lady. Recommended by my friend. (:

I think its okay, at least it doesnt sound absurd to me! You are just trying to safeguard yourself and the CN.

2y ago

Thank you! 😊