If your teen becomes secretive and doesn't want to chat even about how her way went in school, should you consider it normal? Why or why not?

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As kids grow, these things happen. They do not want to share things and want to distance themselves. They have their own world and they think that either you won't understand or what's the point of discussing it anyway. It is just a phase but there are many other things at this stage so it is not bad to belittle vigilante. Keep a tab on whom she talks to, her friends, or if she is on social sites, follow her post and what all she likes. This is an impressionable age, may be, she reading some novels or is getting influenced by some singer or author. I remember when I was a teenager, I was highly influenced by Jim Morrison, and poet John Donne. And as the people they were, I too, started keeping to myself, used to be in my own thoughts, used to write strange poetry. So, all you should do is, do not force her or coax her into doing things or do not become an obvious inquisitive. You can perhaps go on a holiday with her and spend maximum time chatting, having fun time with her, and instead of talking about her things have random discusssion on topics, and you will have an idea of what is her state of mind and what is her thought process.

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