If you were to describe parenthood in one word, what would it be and why?

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Trip. Parenthood is like riding a very long trip towards your one of a kind destination that you've dreaming your entire life. There would be times when you'll feel so elated because of the overwhelming scenery next to your eyes. At times, you would be upset of how boring it would be when you can't have the most out of what you can see. Having a child can give you the best feeling you can ever imagine. Often, you'll feel so happy of what has been transpiring between you and your little one as you watch him/her grow. There may be times when boredom strikes or should I say gloomy days which would make you think on how long can you still withstand each passing day. But at the end of the day, you will always hope for the best for all your children.

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Evolving. I started as one person who fell in love with another. Then "I" turned into "Us." Now that we're married and about to have our firstborn, "Us" turned into "We." Throughout the years as a couple, we have gone through so many tribulations that has challenged us past our biggest fears and doubts in life. Now entering parenthood, we have evolved our love evermore. The next challenges will only grow our love for family and evolve our strengths and lessons learned. Evolving in life with love, compassion and growth through lessons, challenges and patience. This is what parenting feels like to me.

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Rollercoaster. Every parent has their own ups and downs. Like having your first baby. You tend to get scared. Scared if you are doing the right thing, scared of what other issues might arise, scared of the responsibilities . But as days, weeks and years passes by you learn new things and embrace the changes and appreciate the journey with your little ones. That whenever new problems might come your way. You already knew you that you can face it and able to overcome it. And as life goes on you're already enjoying it and having the ride of your lifetime.

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Learning. No one really knows how to handle a situation until you're facing one and parenthood is a unique experience faced by every parent. We may have books that can give us a guideline but once you are given the situation, all you have to do is trust your gut feel and whatever the outcome becomes a learning experience :)

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6y ago

this is so true! thanks for sharing, Mommy!

BEST. Simply because it's the best thing that has ever happened to me. There are ups and downs, but at the end of the day, I can still say to myself that it's the BEST decision I've made and the BEST gift that I have received in my entire life. Nothing compares, it's just simply the BEST for me.

A never ending learning process. I believe that experience is the best teacher. You are learning from your child and your child is learning from you. It's a give and take process that both party should play a very significant role in every situation.

6y ago

I always feel like i never left the student stage of my life as I always learn new things..outside the walls of the academy but in and outside the walls of our home. there is so much to learn about being a parent, a wife and dealing with in laws and rela

Awesome.. Having the pleasure of being there (possibly the first person to notice) when your baby reaches a new developmental milestone. I was happy the day I learned that my son who was a +-2 weeks could smile☺

for me, i would say that one word truly is life-changing. not only have i changed as a person ever since i became a parent, but my way of looking at things has gone through a drastic change too.

Love is the only word uh can describe parenthood.. bcus uh are loved my ua baby N uh get the same love in return.❤❤❤it's only connection of heart💋❤💋

Challenging coz everyday we encounter new experience that will challenge our patience, skill and being responsible to be able to sustain the needs of our children.