If I use this playpen/cot as bb’s (10 months old) co sleeping at night, when do I remove the layer? Advise? Thanks.

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As soon as he tries to stand or crawl

When baby can stand on his/her own

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I removed it when my baby can stand on his own already. Now it's just the bottom layer

Ooo I have the same one! 🥳

When baby learn when to stand

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I remove when baby can sit

In my opinion, it's best to remove once baby is able to sit up, crawl.

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Can remove soon when baby starts crawling

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Can remove when baby taller

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If baby’s a newborn, you can put the mattress on the too layer and let baby sleep beside you. Because it’s easier to put baby down or pick baby up. We took it off when baby got heavier. Haha. Then the mattress can be placed at the bottom

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