If i use hand pump , full bottles alrdy store inside chiller or freezer. When my baby want to drink only 20-30ml I just pour out the amount to another bottles and put the rest back to chiller or freezer again ?

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If from freezer then need to thaw the whole packet. This packet cannot be put back to freeze already. From normal fridge, untouched by baby’s saliva, it’s ok to pour out and put it back again. If touched by baby’s saliva, it’s still ok to chill but must finish soon because bacteria can grow.


Usually full i put in freezer to store. And pump again before next feed. If not full bottle i will put in chiller full i will store again and give baby the thawed bm.

You can pour the approximate amount she drinks into separate storage, then thaw it. It will be better that way.

freezer have to thaw the whole pack..and cannnot put back again...