Should I buy a separate chiller/freezer to store my breastmilk in? I kinda feel icky about storing my milk beside the meats!

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It is perfectly safe to store breastmilk with other foods if you have sealed your breastmilk in storage bag. However, if you can afford, I think it's good to have a separate chiller/freezer to store breastmilk. The disadvantage of storing breastmilk together with other foods is that we will open the freezer more frequently to get foods for cooking, hence exposing the breastmilk to room temperature more frequently which may lead to shorter storage lifespan.

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I bought a separate deep freezer for my breast milk, only because there wasn't enough space. If you don't want to invest in one, do make sure that you store the milk ABOVE the meats, not beside, to avoid contamination. My freezer is from Farfalla. It cost me $248 inclusive of delivery. I bought an upright freezer which comes with 4 drawers like in the photograph above.

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3y ago

I’m bought a chest freezer as it can store more bm. But it really hard to organise :(

I buy a separate freezer because my father in law likes to open the freezer door till the meat has defrosted and the blood freezes in the freezer. If you're using the freezer on your own I don't think you need another one. Breastmilk bags and the containers are air tight.

Better to invest in a separate freezer for sake of your lo :)