Issue MC @ KKH FTS?

hi! if anyone went for the FTS counselling & scan at KKH ADC on the same day, wondering if you could share if they would be able to issue an MC?

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Hi there! Yes, if you went for the FTS counselling and scan at KKH ADC on the same day, they should be able to issue a medical certificate (MC) if you need one. It's common for pregnant women to experience fatigue or discomfort after these appointments, so it's important to take care of yourself and rest if needed. If you anticipate needing an MC, it's best to inform the staff before your appointments so they can make the necessary arrangements for you. Remember to prioritize your well-being during this special time. Take care!

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Hi i went for counselling and blood test only, scan is 2 wks later. They only gave me time off chit, no mc.

Hi! I did my scan at kkh and they did gave me MC for that day:)

3w ago

thanks so much for the response!

Yes mc is provided

3w ago

thank you!!