I'd like my 3yo toddler to pick up interest in her Mother tongue, Chinese. Should I continue have faith in her childcare's Chinese curriculum or try another additional enrichment? I heard Berries is good in inculcating Chinese.

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Do you speak Mandarin with him at home? For me, I speak Mandarin to my kids at home and in fact I insist my kids to speak Mandarin at home. For my girl she is in K2 now and her Chinese is very strong as in recognise words easily and know all her HYPY already. I just bought a HYPY sound chart for her and she learns from there herself. Also, I try my best to borrow chinese story books from library for her other than English story book. If you wish to send him to Chinese Enrichment, Berries and Tien Xia is recommended. Comparing the feedback from my friends, Tien Xia is better to prepare kids for primary school while Berries is fun to instil interest in the chinese language.

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8y ago

Hey Diana, we are stronger english speakers but we'll try simple chinese with her at home. Not intending to give her any stress on chinese language actually, just to inculcate interest. Berries sounds like good advice. Thanks!